Drivers License Medical Requirements

The Department of Land Transport stated !!! From 19 February 2021 onward;

A medical certificate must be used in the format prescribed by the Medical Council. As evidence for the operation Driver's license under the car law And a vehicle personnel license under the law on land transport Covers both new requests Renewal and type change

Mr. Jirut Wisarnchit, Director-General of the Department of Land Transport revealed that according to the Ministerial Regulation, the application and issuance of a driving license and the renewal of the driving license, 2020, which will take effect on February 19, 2021 onward; It is required, to obtain and renew a driving license, documents must have a medical certificate to accompany the operation.

Department of Land Transport therefore issued regulations for the Department of Land Transport regarding actions relating to driving licenses and driver identification cards. According to the automobile law, 2564 and regulations of the Department of Land Transport regarding the rules and procedures for the renewal of the license of the vehicle 2564 from February 19, 2021 onward;

Those who want to operate the driver's license, according to the car law, and a car occupant license, according to the law on land transport;

All kinds of types must have a medical certificate as evidence for every action.

It consists of applying for a new one in the event that the driver's license or driver's license has never been obtained before, renewal and type change;

The medical certificate must be in accordance with the standard of the Medical Council.

There are two parts:

- The applicant's own health certification and

- The physician's certification. Which must show that the person does not have any underlying disease or disease condition that the medical practitioner deems to be dangerous while driving as the Medical Council determines.

The Director-General of the Department of Land Transport went on to say that Driving license renewal According to the car law and a car occupant license According to the law on land transport.

Formerly, there was no requirement to use a medical certificate. But with the facts, drivers' physical abilities change as they age and there may be underlying diseases. Or may cause impaired physical performance and unable to drive.

It is therefore necessary to require the driver to receive a preliminary medical examination.

And there will be a physical fitness test necessary for driving when you come in contact with any transportation office, including:

a color vision test,

depth eye test,

wide vision test and

reaction tests

For a medical certificate according to the form certified by the Medical Council in which the person applying for a driving license or a vehicle driver's license can inform the purpose of obtaining a medical certificate.

In order for the doctor to issue a medical certificate that is correct in accordance with the purpose of use and in the prescribed format; In the future, will there be conditions for which diseases are prohibited from obtaining additional driving licenses?

The Department of Land Transport will continue to cooperate closely with the Medical Council.