Readers of the Website of the


The former members, sponsors, sympathizers, visitors and

interested-parties; the prospective inhabitants of Udon Thani.


With feelings of sadness and melancholy I issue this pronouncement:

THANK YOU, it was an honor to meet you, THANK YOU

The time has come that we had to decide to end UTEC as it has operated for the past fourteen years.

It has been an exciting period, we started with a small group that in the heydays grew to more than seventy active members and subscribers, from about twenty-five nationalities. Such as:

American Australian Belgian British Canadian

Danish Dutch Finnish French German

Greek Hungarian Icelandic Israeli Laotian

Myanmar New Zealand Norwegian Puerto Rico Russian

Scottish Swedish Swiss Thai Uruguayan

Our distribution-list counted well over two hundred members, former members and companies in and outside the Isan.

Contacts were established and maintained with many of the Governmental Authorities and Companies in Udon Thani and beyond.

The decision to liquidate the Club is not that we have no more members or a lack of interest, on the contrary;

It is more that there are no members who want or are in the position to man the Board and run the Club.

That put us in the unique position to continue as a Social Meeting Group and keep on seeing each other at the Coffee Station, that we consider(ed) our Home, and other to us familiar locations. Most of them Sponsors to the former UTEC.

The former members are still gathering at that locations for a chat and a Brunch, where new-comers are welcome to join.

As a courtesy to the Sponsors and the current readers we will continue this former UTEC’s website for another 2 years or so. However, with limited content and information.

We will keep posting the Sponsor’s Logo’s, including a link to their detailed information. Available to the reader by clicking the Logo.


We will not maintain any contact addresses or phone numbers.

Nor do we accept new Sponsors.

Kind regards,

The former Secretary,

Joop van Spaandonk.

Founding member,

Jacob William Thomas.

J v S. Retired Secretary of UTEC, for >10 years. July, 2022.

Useful Information

UD Coffee Station

Home of the Udon Thani Expats Club